Badania i rozwój

Thanks to the many year’s experience of its workers and collaborators, Caffè Moak has always believed in investing in research, innovation and technology.

For over 10 years Moak has been a point of reference for its customers, providing technical and analytical support.

Everyday, the entire product chain is carefully checked, so to raise the health and quality standards of Moak products.

The Moak Caffè spa Research and Development team, also carries out preliminary studies to create new roasted coffee blends. These blends
are studied to satisfy the palate of all Moak clients worldwide.

Thanks to the development of new products and technology, supported by a technologically advanced lab, Moak has become an important partner for many other companies especially requesting their know-how.

In 2009, Mlab srl, a technological spin-off company of Caffè Moak, came to life with the aim of  offering high technological and qualified consultancy.